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Lease Life

About Lease Life Lease Life is a service-oriented professional property management company. Lease Life has been managing properties in the Toronto & Greater Toronto Area since 2009. Since our inception, we have created rewarding programs for property owners and have gained valuable insights by managing housing, condominium, and multi-unit dwelling. We take pride in our ability to provide tenant acquisition services for property owners who wish to rent / lease their units. Lease Life provides excellent management services for not only property owners but for tenants who wish to find a temporary home with peace of mind. We promise to provide you with excellent service and we invite you to contact us for a FREE consultation. Services for Condominium Owners Our Services Include: Acquiring the tenants for any rental or lease through our exclusive realtor team Collecting the rents or leasing fees on your behalf ensuring the monthly payments are made on time (Fees collected will be delivered to you in a timely manner) Monthly inspection of your properties ensuring the dwelling is safe and maintained by the tenants Ensuring tenants go through the required background check and are equipped with tenant insurance, appropriate income, & credit score. Maintenance services including interior and exterior work by highly reputable and qualified construction and maintenance workers. For more details on services Lease Life can provide you please do not hesitate to Contact us by clicking the button below. Contact Us Services for Tenants Our Services Include: ​ Free realtor service provided by ​ Finding the right home within our managed units & MLS based on the required criteria set by the tenant Helping tenants ensure a smooth application process of any rental or lease agreements within our managed units & the MLS. Helping tenants acquire home insurance in order to protect them in case of any emergencies Maintenance services including interior and exterior fixes For more details on services Lease Life can provide you please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking contact Button below or call us directly at 647-360-9086

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